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Senior Recognition

Congratulations, Seniors!

While the Spring 2020 season didn't work out the way we had hoped (a little thing called COVID-19 wrecked just about everything), we are confident that you and the team would have performed magnificently!

So, while it's not much, the Club wants to recognize you and your achievements, and salute your future success on and off the field. 

Good luck boys - and remember, rugby is like life: we always play to win, but we do it with respect, courage, resilience and fair play: How we win the game shows something about our character;  how we lose shows all of it.

(We'll be adding more senior photos as we get them in!)

Phoenix Seniors Composite

Alpharetta Phoenix Rugby Club's 2020 Graduates: Well done boys, and thanks for your contributions! We will miss you all!

Blake Bibb Graduation Photo

Blake Bibb: Lambert HS 2020, Georgia Southern University 2024

Mark DeSantis Senior Photo

Mark DeSantis: Chattahoochee HS 2020, University of Alaska 2024

Sam Huntington Senior Photo

Sam Huntington: Johns Creek High School 2020, University of Tennessee Chattanooga 2024

Andres Lozada: Centennial HS 2020, Georgia State University or Kennesaw State University 2024

Mateo Podesta Senior Photo

Mateo Podesta: Chattahoochee HS 2020, Kennesaw State University 2024

Brendan Bibb Graduation Photo

Brendan Bibb: Lambert HS 2020, University of Tennessee 2024

Isaac Edmonds Senior Portrait

Isaac Edmonds: Johns Creek High School 2020, University of North Georgia 2024

Preston Greenlee Senior Photo

Preston Greenlee: Johns Creek HS 2020, University of Alabama 2024

John Irwin Senior Portrait

John Irwin: Northview High School 2020, Virginia Military Institute 2024

Kyle Warmack Commitment Photo

Kyle Warmack: Northview HS 2020, Morehouse College 2024 (Football scholarship)

Justin Cooper Senior Portrait

Justin Cooper: Chattahoochee HS 2020, Kennesaw State University 2024

Caen Gress

Caen Gress: Johns Creek HS 2020, University of North Georgia 2024

Rafa Kennett Portrait

Rafa Kennett: Riverwood International 2020, University of Georgia or University of Toronto 2024

Justice Reeder Senior Portrait

Justice Reeder: North Atlanta High School 2020, Kennesaw State University 2024

Seniors In Action

Phoenix's seniors have been true leaders for the club, and they are leaving the HS level field. The season didn't go as planned, but they are still champions! They can look back on their time at Phoenix with pride and a sense of accomplishment, both personal and sporting. Good luck in the future, boys!