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Matches Feb. 27th Phoenix Rugby Festival

Where: North Park (Turf/Field #1 and Turf/Field #2) 13450 Cogburn Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004

FIELD 1 (Lower Field)

10:30-10:50: Girls: South Greenville vs Amazons/Rebels (7s)

10:50-11:10: HS Boys: South Greenville vs Morgan County (7s)
11:10-11:40: HS Boys: PHOENIX vs Tennessee Rugby Academy (10s)
11:40-12:10: HS Boys: ALPHARETTA v Roswell (10s)
(BYE: Brunswick)

12:10-12:30: Girls: Amazons/Rebels vs Morgan County (7s)

12:30-12:50: HS Boys: Morgan County vs Brunswick (7s)
12:50-01:20: HS Boys: PHOENIX v South Greenville (10s)
01:20-01:50: HS Boys: Tennessee Rugby Academy vs Roswell (10s)
(BYE: Alpharetta)

01:50-02:10: Girls: Morgan County vs South Greenville (7s)

02:10-02:30: South Greenville vs Brunswick (7s)
02:30-02:50: PHOENIX vs Morgan County (7s )
02:50-03:20: ALPHARETTA v Tennessee Rugby Academy (10s)
(BYE: Roswell)

03:20-03:50: Girls: South Greenville vs Georgia Motley (10s)

03:50-04:20: HS Boys: ALPHARETTA vs Brunswick (10s)
[NOTE: on Field 2: 04:10-04:30: HS Boys: PHOENIX v Roswell (10s)]
04:20-04:40: HS Boys: Tennessee Rugby Academy v South Greenville (10s)

FIELD 2 (Upper Field)

01:30-02:00: U13/12U: Phoenix/Etowah/Tennessee v Rebels (10s)
02:00-02:30: U15/14U: Rebels/Phoenix/Etowah vs Tennessee (10s)
03:10-03:40: U13/12U: Phoenix/Etowah/Tennessee v Rebels (10s)
03:40-04:10: U15/14U: Rebels/Phoenix/Etowah vs Tennessee (10s)
04:10-04:30: HS Boys: PHOENIX v Roswell (10s)

Matches Feb. 20th - Alpharetta Phoenix Middle School & High School

Where: Roswell Rec, (Main Football Field), Roswell Area Park Dr, Roswell, GA 30075
Directions: Enter the park from Woodstock Rd.
Go thru the second 3-way stop to parking area for Multi-sport Field 3 (MF3 – back of park for 13U/U14) and Multi-sport Field 1 (MF1 – for everyone else).

Middle School
- 14U/U15 > Arrive: 10.30 AM (MF1) > Kick-off: 11.00 AM
- 13U/U14 > Arrive: 10.30 AM (MF3) > Kick-off: 11.15 AM

High School
Arrive > 12.15 PM (MF3)
- Phoenix v South Greenville (10s) > Kick-off: 1.00 PM
- Alpharetta v Brunswick (7s) > Kick-off: 1.50 PM
- Alpharetta v Morgan County (7s) > Kick-off: 3.00 PM
- Phoenix v Brunswick (7s) > Kick-off: 3.20 PM
- Alpharetta v South Greenville (10s) > Kick-off: 4.00 PM
- Phoenix v Roswell (10s) > Kick-off: 4.50 PM


Saturday, Feb. 13th> Middle School and High School

Location: Roswell Rec, (Main Football Field), Roswell Area Park Dr, Roswell, GA 30075
Directions: Enter the park from Woodstock Rd. Go thru the second 3-way stop to parking area for Multi-sport Field 2 (MS2)

Middle School
Arrive: 10.50AM
Kick-off: Game 1 11.30AM v Rebels Rugby White
Kick-off: Game 2 12.30AM v Rebels Rugby Red

High School (UPDATED)

There will be two teams: Alpharetta, and Phoenix. Both will play (potentially) THREE matches each)
Arrive: 12.30PM (and support the MS for their second match!)
Kick-off: Phoenix Game 1: 1.30PM v Roswell
Kick off: Alpharetta Game 1: 2.00PM v Brunswick
Kick-off: Phoenix Game 2: 2.40PM v Brunswick
Kick-off: Alpharetta Game 2: 3.00PM v Roswell
Kick-off: Extra Game 3: 4.10PM v TBD

New Practice Times!

Beginning Tuesday, Dec. 8th, practice times will be from

7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

2020 - 2021 Rugby Season - Registration Now Open!

Registration is NOW OPEN for the

2020 Fall & 2021 Spring Rugby Season.

Players must register prior to the first practice.

High School:

Fall $100 includes USA Rugby Cipp

Spring $275 includes ball, socks, and shirt

Register now for both seasons for $350.  Savings $25.00.

Middle School:

Fall $50 includes USA Rugby Cipp

Spring $150 includes ball, socks, shirt

Register now for both seasons for $175.  Savings of $25.00

Senior Recognition!

Congratulations, Seniors!

A job well done - best of luck in the future!

Visit our Senior Recognition Page to view our Seniors and their plans after high school. 

Phoenix is proud to recognize our Senior players - the season didn't work out the way we wanted, but they are still champions!

Alpharetta Phoenix Rugby

Georgia's Leading Youth Rugby Club

Founded in 2006, Alpharetta Phoenix Rugby is Georgia's premier youth rugby club. Offering teams in the U14 (Middle School), U16 (JV) and U19 (Varsity) age groups, Phoenix plays two rugby seasons per year: Rugby 7's in the Fall, and Rugby 15's in the Spring.

Phoenix practice and play at:

Alpharetta North Park, Field #1, 
13450 Cogburn Road, Alpharetta North Park
Alpharetta, Georgia

Practices are currently from 8:30-10:00 pm every Tuesday & Thursday.


Unlike previous years, all players must be registered and CIPP'd with USA Rugby prior to practice. Phoenix is working hard to ensure that we follow the correct safety protocols and procedures are in place to account for the impact of COVID-19. We have worked with Georgia Rugby to ensure compliance with CDC, Georgia State, USA Rugby and World Rugby recommendations and requirements.

As a result (and unlike previous years), all players must be registered with Phoenix and CIPP'd with USA Rugby before practicing. 

Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to let players participate unless they are registered. Membership applications and forms are now available on the website.

Our Goals for 2020-2021

As always, our primary goal is to produce young men of integrity, character and perseverance through the game of rugby. However, we are also a competitive team, and have high expectations for our players both on and off the field and have set the following goals for the coming year:

1. To continue to be Georgias premiership championship youth team;

2. Grow our membership base (but primarily in the Middle School category) since this is the lifeblood of our team!

3. To stay healthy and safe during these turbulent times.

Everyone Is Welcome!

Phoenix welcomes everyone - no experience or knowledge of rugby is necessary! - since we believe that the game has something for everyone, and that anyone can play the game. All that is needed is a desire to improve, a spirit of teamwork, and a positive attitude.

News & Updates

Pilgrim Classic Rugby 7's

By Phoenix Rugby 11/16/2019, 6:30pm EST

We are delighted to have a full slate of HS boys and girls teams lined up for the 2019 Pilgrim Classic Rugby 7s!

We are delighted that we have a full slate of HS boys and girls teams from around the Southeast joining us for the 2019 Pilgrim Classic Rugby 7's Tournament!

The tournament kicks off at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 23, at Alpharetta North Park, 13450 Cogburn Road, Alpharetta Georgia.

We are honored to have the following clubs join us this year:

Girls' Teams: East Cobb Amazons (GA), Charlotte Tigers A & B (NC), Brunswick (GA), Riverdale (TN), South Meck Savages (NC), Tribe Rugby (TN), and Boynton Beach (FL).

Boys' Teams: Phoenix A & B (GA), Brunswick (GA), Morgan County (GA), Charlotte Tigers A & B (NC), SERA (NC), and Tribe (TN). 

Charlotte 7's Match Reports

By Niall Fenton 10/24/2019, 5:15pm EDT

A learning experience!

Phoenix Sevens Open 2019 Season

On October 19, the Phoenix Varsity side travelled to Charlotte to compete in the 2nd. round of the Carolinas Rugby Sevens competition. A bumper 28 sides from NC, SC and GA participated in what was billed as the largest Sevens tournament ever held in the Carolinas...

IMPORTANT: Practice Time Change!

By Phoenix Rugby 09/26/2019, 11:15am EDT

Be there are 8:30 to start before 9:00

Please arrive at Alpharetta North Park around 8:30 so we can start practice no later than 9:00.



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Phoenix Rugby Values


Honesty, fair play, and a commitment to doing what is right.


A passion for life, for the game, and for our community.


Life, like rugby, is a team effort - and better done together than alone.


Playing well requires disciplined commitment to both the laws, values and spirit of the game.


For teammates, officials, coaches, the opposition, and the laws and spirit of the game.

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Our Sponsors:


Phoenix Rugby is fortunate to have very generous sponsors who make it possible for us to do everything we do as a Club. They have all been exceedingly generous over the years, and we are deeply thankful to them. 

Phoenix Rugby always welcomes the opportunity to bring new sponsors into the rugby family. In fact, sponsors are a kind of 'royalty' around the Club since without them, it would be very difficult for us to operate. 

Phoenix Rugby operates under the Georgia Youth Rugby Association Inc, a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.  As a result, sponsorship funds are considered tax deductible contributions.

For additional information on sponsoring, please contact us at or to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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